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The Test of HGH Quality

Blood serum test has been used among bodybuilders to test quality of HGH. Searching forums for bodybuilding will easily get results similar to following

“XXXtropin is legit and great because blood serum is over 30……”

The serum test for HGH is one of biggest scams and misunderstandings out here!! Mix of much cheaper peptides is able to get result well over 40ng/ml easily. This is how underground scam artists fool their customers. Blood serum test, at best, is a good start for testing HGH. It is not, the higher the blood serum number, the better is the HGH. Any reading over 15ng/ml warrants further investigation.

Appropriate IGF blood test is the correct blood test for HGH quality. HGH is the precursor for IGF and continuous injection of HGH will increase IGF level. To obtain compare results, one should always get IGF baseline first free of any gear for an extended period of time. After consistent injection of HGH onlye for a few weeks, second IGF reading is made and it should be significantly higher than the first one.

Of course the ultimate test of HGH is always HPLC-MS (High-performance liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry). Scanning the product directly in an advanced lab without injection gives ultimate verdict.

DGHGH welcomes any legit testing (IGF or HPLC-MS) of our HGH kits. Rewards may be offered and please contact us for details.